CAD Services
If you are an architect or engineer involved in the construction business, you would know that building designs constantly undergo changes and revisions. Often, these plans need to be accessed by various people who will make their own changes to it. It becomes essential to incorporate all these changes on your construction design document and make it accessible to everyone involved.

We make full set of building regulation drawings from the sketches and construction documents. The full set of building regulation drawings include:
Floor plans, roof plans, elevations, electrical plans, structural plans, site plan and details

We create CAD drawings from any format, even paper. If you don't have your design on paper yet, all you need to do is give us your design specifications and measurements, and we will create the CAD drawings for you.
First, we find out what your CAD standards and specifications are, and then our operators draft your drawings to CAD just like you want them to be. Our quality assurance managers review the work done before delivering the files to you to ensure that all your demands are met

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Building Information Modeling
Rightserve have great expertise in offering Structural BIM Services executed as per the requirements of the clients.
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